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Print Release

Once you receive your downloadable link to your gallery. You will receive the print release through email. 

What is a print release?

Is what is says, a release to print your images - with guidelines.  It allows the client to print for PERSONAL use at home while maintaining the rights of the photographer.  Even though a client paid for a photo session and received digital copies does NOT mean they own the images.  The photographer is the copyright owner, always, unless the copyright has been released.

With a print release the client can

  • Print unlimited prints from their session

  • Post the images on social media

  • Can use in Christmas Card

  • Keep the files forever

As the photographer you benefit from a print release by:

  • Clients cannot violate your copyright by editing/transforming your images in any capacity.

  • Prevents commercial use without your permission

  • Preserves the integrity of your art, and the industry.

  • You still own your images but give the client what they really want, the ability to print.

    Cited: Emma Rose

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